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Illegibilus |  Amelia Brown-Kissinger by xkltran Illegibilus |  Amelia Brown-Kissinger by xkltran

6/6 Revamp time !!
:new: 23/ 7 Revampish, I repaint, update and edit since this is what she look like 7th year fffff- 

 Amelia Brown-Kissinger  
Age:  17
Gender:  Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight:  128 lbs
Nationality: British (ethnicity German-British)
House:  Gryffindor
Year: 6th

 Elegant | Protective | Open-minded | Honest | Caring / Mother-Figure | Clumsy | Neat freak

In a way, Amelia is caring towards other and treat them as if their were her family. Opposite from her brother, Theodore, She actually acts mature, smart, and well behave when meeting new people for the first time.  She is Elegant and Open-minded however, she tend to be protective toward other peoples' emotions and easily nervous when encountering. Having a habit with have a heavy Yank accent from New York, She use her accent to try to humor others or herself which end up bad in a embarrassing way. Due to having keep up with her grades, Amelia neat freak and checks every second to see everything was in order before getting clumsy and confuse if it's unorganized or out of place.


     The Kissinger had a long-line of wizard in their bloodline throughout the years from generation to another generation to past on that goes back six hundred years ago. Amelia's mother was a pure-blood to the Kissinger family back in Germany while her father, William, was a Muggle-born. Before her father began to live in New York later on, he was born at London with his non magical relatives. He  finding out he's a witch from his parents after questioning about the letter to 'school', Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Later on, William attended at Hogwarts at the age of eleven. He met Kirsten, a fellow Gryffindor student just like him at his third year at Hogwarts while she was a first year since she was sent there because her parents considered superior to the local wizarding school . At first the two had a close friendship but, as the year progress they develop feeling towards each other. It didn't took long before the two got hitched after both graduate at separate year and having two fraternal twins : Theodore and Amelia. Eventually, Both of them move to New York to get away from the family feud about how William was a muggle-born and that he didn't met the expectation from Kirsten's Parents. Kirsten knew if they stayed then her parent would find away to control their children and find a way to separate the marriage.

    Amelia grew up in Downtown New York with her family. She grew fascinating in New York exploring the rich history before moving to the United Kingdom for 'various' reason at the age of nine. After knowing one of Kirsten's relatives was following their lives, William immediately contact Kirsten about the situation and know that her parents are finding them again. The family decided to pack up and move back to the UK to live with William's parents and stay low for a while. William decide to use his middle name, Thomas, as his alternative name and work as a librarian while Kirsten was a home school teacher to prevent any exposure to the Kissinger family. After a few month staying in the UK, Amelia was well educated and well manner rather than wild, exotic behavior like Theo. Both seem to getting around towards each other beside the bickering fights as they grew up.

     They knew that Kirsten's parent would expecting to find them by looking through any magical institute that has 'Kissinger' on the list from professors whom they befriend for a long time. To distract them, William change their birth certificate, Theodore last name would be William's last name while Amelia last name would have both of his and Kirsten last name since the Kirsten's parent are looking for one last name instead of two last name. It wasn't long before both of the twin receive a letter to enter Hogwarts at the age of eleven and excited to attend. Amelia was worry about her brother's behavior but, was too busy focusing about attending to Hogwarts and how's her life was gonna experience. Her parents told her to what over him and encourage both to go. Their parents bid a farewell to their kids along sending them new wand for school as Amelia and her brother left to go. During her first year, Amelia being to be involve with the academics while Theo was involve with athletes part. Despite being in different household, both twin still keep in touch to have a conversation about their life in Hogwarts. At her sixth year at the age of seventeen, Amelia continue to explore new spells and experiment that awaits in Hogwarts.

Theodore Brown - Twin Brother - 6th year Ravenclaw [Half-blood]
Mr. William Thomas Brown - Father - 46 [Muggleborn Wizard ]
Mrs. Kirsten Brown nee Kissinger - Mother - 45 [Pureblood Witch ]

Interests & Dislikes:
+Vintage clothes and makeup
+Well behave manners

-Loud,Ignorant people
-Hot weather
-Soft drinks
-Unexpected surprise
-Dishonest people

Elective Classes: Apparition, Care of Magical Creatures
Extra Curricular: Ancient Studies
Flame-Freezing Charm
Gripping Charm
Wand Ingredients 
Core: Phoenix Feather
Length: 12 1/4 inches
Wood: Poplar
Flexibility:  Unbending, Hard
Relationships [TBA]

Name: Daisy
Species: Cat
Gender: Girl
Personality: Playful, Sneaky, Attention-whore, Loving 

Daisy tend to be clingy and cuddle onto Amelia whenever she spot her. Seem like whenever she see someone new, the pet always looking for a opportunity to have someone to love her and to get them scratch her ears. Sneak up to Amelia or other at unexpected time to see them shock or scared to have a good laugh. Greedy when it comes to seeing other pets showing affection to her owner and hiss at them.

-Her hair is very thick, natural dark auburn hair
-Singer to herself whenever she alone
-She has no contact at her mother side of the family due to family conflict.
-Her patronus is a cheetah
:new: She receive a ruby necklace that glows whenever she has feeling for someone on her seventeen birthday from a 'fellow classmate.'

RP METHOD : Lit,Script
Skype - Note me privately
Google Docs/ Notes - Comment or note me 

Achievement :
1000 House Points
Finis Badge


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