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November 11, 2013
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SC : Serena by xkltran SC : Serena by xkltran

:iconmingplz: Hi i'm lame and this is my revamp lame oc
Yeahhaha she got a makeover on her hair and since im too late to revamp AGAIN
idgaf #yolololooo

[Name:] Serena A. Etsukia

[Nicknames:] N/a

[Age:] 18

[Gender:] Female

[Year:] Third

[Division:] Physical- User

► UPDATE :  When Calling her star, She is able to active the hidden blades at the tip of the shot including the shoe to active power strength/flexibility only to her legs.

► 'Crest' Kick - A similar to the hook kick except it leaves a whip sound whenever kicking inward to the attack. It hitting it clockwise if inward but, outward is counter-clockwise. This kick will kick the upper shoulder to the face of the remnant when encountering at close range. 20 S.E

►Butterfly Kick - A circular motion of a large kick that may look like aeried cartwheel that involves jump kick. Its a combatant airborne and give off a target of the remnant from the waist to head. 30 S. E

►Roundhouse Kick - A common kick for kickboxing but, effective of striking with a powerful force.  The kick is in a semicircular motion that kicks toward the face powerful than the Butterfly and 'Crest' combine. 40 S.E

►[ Special Attack ] - Triple Threat Death  - A combat kick that increase to multiple round It makes the blade at the end sharper and stronger then before. It the attack feels like million fungoes to the remnants but, takes a lot of time to reload about an hour or more depending how much kick was use. 60 S.E

[Club/Sport:] Music/ Track

Having most of her personality coming from her mom side, Serena has a demeanor towards people who are close to her like family, friends or someone special. Easily manipulate to people by blackmail,  she has a rebel side to knock down the 'innocent' girl she use to be after turning eighteen. Feisty and courageous, Serena is not afraid to straight up be brash to the people that are annoying of physical and mental. Used to be a lazy person until joining the Track due to have to stay in shape for battle against the remnants .Knowing from be rightful of right/wrong, creative in music, and energetic to be active of her social/ school life.



♥Being Active

♥Spice Food


♥Listening to R&B

♥Meeting New People

♥Dubstep Music

•Loud People

•Country Music

•Alcohol & Smoke


•Too much homework

• Multitasking


Serena was raise in a urban-city with two of her older brother and her father at Asteri Island. Serena is half English and half japanese which she fluent with both language. Both of her parents meet each other at Tokyo, Japan in zen garden, fell in love, got married, move to Asteri Island and have three kids. Her mother passed away when she was only five years old due to cancer and now live wit her dad and two of her twin brothers at a mansion during the weekends. Her hair was originally caramel brown, but bleach it due to most people she grew up had that hair color and want to be different. Growing up in a area full of rich people fill with preps, Serena quickly grew a dislike toward them since one of the preps threw a balloon full of one week old of eggs at her face and ask her about the answer at each subject. Although, other than her downside living in a rich area, Serena enjoys spending time with her two older brothers, Kai and Wilfred, twins that work as a software developer in the city while her dad is a cofounder of an animal rescue company and a high businessman about 24/7 a week.

During School, Serena was a tomboy at the time and began her passion of dancing and music in elementary and middle school, it was her only escape of being herself and didn't feel lonely. By time after time, she got evolve of fights to the preps and now to the jocks from their terrible attitude to other classmate, but at the end, Serena won most of the fights and got suspended for a week which made her cuss half of the time. This decrease her social class at middle school because more bullies and enemies tend to pick one Serena by that time (calling her slow, a 'blonde', scratching her skin and clothes, swearing at her,etc.) Other than the bad times growing up, Serena become more intelligent and a dancer/ music which made her more confident, energetic, and bashful than as a child. By the time, middles school end it, Serena cut her hair short and started ignore the bullies, jock, and preps so which she becoming a better person by believing herself more. At the age of 15, Serena got her very first phone from one of her brothers, Kai and thought it was a regular phone. Not only she got a new phone, but Kai sends her to SC school since the other brother, Wilfred gave her a letter that came from the school the next day after she gotten her phone, but Serena was cool with it since she doesn't care which school as long as its a good educational and jock/prep free zone school . At her first year at SC at the age of fifteen, She discover about her powers when she step into the SC campus after two of her brother drop her off. Her physical power was the flexibility kick that is similar of Kung fu kicks but was powerful and slow her speed when use. At first she was pretty shock about the power and got use to it after few week enrolling SC. There were many clubs and sports to join at SC when Serena took her look around the school. During searching a club or sports, at the end, she decided to join the music club to practices her dj and coming up her dance moves at the same time as to playing the guitar, piano, cello, and violin to which she learn to play the instrument back in elementary school. Two year later, Serena is now a third year student and seventeen continue enroll SC school, still doing the same club activities in the music club while improving her powers.

[Quote:] "You ready ?"

[Voice:] Mandy Moore


♦She is 5'6" Feet

♦She own 2 dogs and 1 kitten

♦Her hair is now wavy dark blonde.

♦She fluent in English, Japanese, and French dues to traveling countries before going to Star crown.

♦No longer wear contacts due to having laser eye at her birthday

♦Her Birthday is September 16

♦Now has a tattoo at her lower back


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